Friday, August 3, 2012


1. Christopher Walken has great outfits in Hairspray. If only I had been watching it on my computer instead of on a huge tv while house sitting, I totally would have screencapped his patterned sheer short-sleeve button-down with a colorful tie untucked over a white tanktop tucked into high-waisted old man slacks.

2. I rented Half-Baked from Redbox, which is a really fun and futuristic thing to do. It sort of feels like a tangible version of Netflix, but a pleasingly less personal version that isn't constantly hinting that the only movies I watch are "Visually-striking Quirky Foreign Workplace Documentaries featuring Lesbians." But what I really want to know about Half-Baked is why every character looks so cool--did their costume designer also work on Lizzie McGuire?

3. But didn't the fact that both Hugo and After Hours were directed by the same person at least a little bit make you want to see the fantastical family Holiday time travel movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen?

4. Return of the Seacaucus 7, a pre-mumblecore movie by the same guy who made Brother From Another Planet, is about friends in their late 20's hooking up and gossiping and playing board games because I guess that's what people did before the internet, or maybe they are just boring people, but I really liked this movie anyway and I love John Sayles and Lianna is like the best movie ever about love and being a person and how sometimes life is boring and cool 1983 fashion.

5. Right now, SFMOMA is playing Hail the New Puritan, Charles Atlas's fake documentary about the young choreographer Michael Clarke. Like Ryan Trecartin with a dash of British humor, set in the 80s. For anyone who likes dancing, gender stuff, blends of fact and fiction, body paint, or The Fall. Seriously, this is well well well worth paying the $6 after 6pm on Thursdays or spending time with your friend who has a membership in order to watch this video, and you get to see an incredible Cindy Sherman retrospective along with it, that is totally not "narcissistic" or "just acting" as some plebeian (male) "critics" were overheard saying in the show's final room.

6. Here's a common experience that didn't exist ten years ago: the feeling you get when you search for the movie you've been wanting to see on Netflix Instant one last time, and this time it's there. Attenberg! This movie stars the director of Dogtooth, and has a similar feel as well ("Quirky Visually-Striking Cerebral Foreign Dysfunctional Family Drama Witty Comedy Lesbians").

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Giveaway! Zine + Shoelaces

I still have a handful of copies of my fashion zine, so I'm giving away a copy of "Big Clothes" and a pair of thin yellow shoelaces with the first 12 orders from the Etsy store.

"REAL" Tshirt: K-Swiss
Robe: bloodstained Yves Saint Laurent
Pants: Eddie Bauer
Toenail color: Cocktail Bling by Essie

Silver "Capri Sun Commercial" vest coming soon to the store :-P


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Etsy Store Is Alive and Breathing!

So after literally hours of hard work, my Etsy store is officially up!

 Seriously, though, I got semi-deep into the item details, in fact writing descriptions of clothing might be my art form and probably my true calling. The way I'm feeling right now about describing clothes must be the way teachers are supposed to feel about inspiring young people and photocopying homework dittos.

Check it out: 2001 XXY

Dark futuristic clothes, vibrant tops, and coming soon... "cartoon picnic."

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

Today my mysterious friend who prefers to remain anonymous came over and helped model some clothes for my Etsy.

I hope people buy stuff cuz this is really fun, and I want to keep doing it!

Working hard setting up tha store.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Maybe I'll get good enough at nail art to do Lindsay's "fuck u" nails.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yosemite in Style

We drove through Yosemite Valley without stopping much, except for lunch at this cafe that had a row of "Internet Kiosks" from like 10 years ago with comic sans "Out of Order" signs taped on them and floppy disk drives.
The highlight of Yosemite Valley? This girl's perfect interpretation of sloppy cool--each pulled-together, refined element of her ensemble is carefully tempered with a casual, laid-back component. Even the properties within a given garment achieve intra-item balance supremely effectively.  Relaxed fit running pants in night-out-on-the-town-ready silver? Yes, please.

A perfect cloud over a perfect lake--Mono Lake.

For an Elle feature on white crew socks and Earth Spirit sandals.

Glad the platform we ordered got there in time for us to shoot the music video ("Tufa Than U").